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Ryan shuddered as the big dick pressed deep inside his young body. He was
lying on his back, his legs spread wide as Mikey fucked him deep. He gasped
as the tight young boy butt that was wrapped around his own stone-hard dick
settled into his pubic hairs. Ryan opened his eyes to watch the seven year
old blond boy start to ride up and down on his cock.This is so fucking sick, he thought, as he watched Mikey bend forward and
kiss seven year old Chris’ neck. The boy turned his head to kiss his uncle
on the lips. The tight boy-hole surrounding Ryan’s cock twisted with the
boy’s movements. Ryan’s dick throbbed, pre-cum filling the boy’s wet hole.I’m so fucked. Ryan was thinking. Fucked up in his head, his thoughts, his
desires, his whole life. His ass, too, as Mikey slid his almost nine inch
prick slowly in and out of him. Mikey was Ryan’s girl-friend Debbie’s
twenty-something younger brother. Ok, half brother, whatever. Ryan moaned
again as Mikey’s long dick hit bottom deep inside him. Chris was her seven
year old son.The thin Little Lolita
young man screwing his ass reached for the young boy and lifted
him up, off Ryan’s pulsing boner. Mikey turned Chris around and sat him
back down on his young buddy’s fuck-pole. Then the uncle and nephew were
kissing like crazy as they both used Ryan’s body. Mikey fucked harder as
Chris bounced up and down on Ryan’s dripping cock. One of Mikey’s thin arms
held the boy to him, the other was busy rubbing the little guy’s own hard,
horny boy-cock.Ryan loved the feel of that big dick in him. Just like he loved the taste
of dick and sperm. He was so over women by now, hell, he finally realized
that he never wanted one, had been just fooling himself. Ryan wanted a
man. Not the one inside him at the moment, though Mikey was hot and Ryan
was having a great time with him tonight. He wanted his best buddy Jason,
the man who had fucked Ryan’s virgin hole not even two weeks ago.Here he was, lying in his and Debbie’s bed, getting fucked by her younger
brother while he screwed her little son. Ryan loved the man on man sex. The
man on boy, too. He wished Jason was here to join them. The thought of
Jason’s dick feeding him his sperm made Ryan shudder even harder. The nine
inch prick slamming into his butt did, too. His own dick was getting close
to pumping a load deep inside the boy’s butt that clung tight to it.This is sick, he thought again, watching uncle and nephew make out. Father
and son, actually, from the story Mikey had told him earlier tonight. Even
sicker, Ryan knew just what he wanted to see. Just the thought of watching
Mikey fuck Chris, uncle/dad doing his seven year old son/nephew made Ryan’s
dick twitch. The young guy grabbed the boy by the waist and slammed his
dick in as deep as he could shove it as he exploded. Ryan’s sperm flowed
into the boy’s body.Mikey let out a groan, even with his tongue down Chris’ throat, as he
plowed his own spunk into Ryan’s orgasm-racked body. Little Chris was busy
having a dry cum of his own from the feeling of his beloved uncle’s hand
rubbing him off, plus the same horny man’s tongue down his throat, his lips
pressed to his little mouth, and of course from the cum he knew was
shooting into his butt from Ryan’s tasty cock.”I love you, little guy.” Mikey whispered.”I love you too, Uncle Mikey!” Chris cried.”Be a good boy now, Chris, and lick Ryan clean.”The thin young guy lifted his nephew up off his sister’s boyfriend’s sweaty
body. Ryan’s dick slid out of the boy’s well-used hole, still so hard it
slapped against his flat, smooth stomach. Mikey turned Chris around and the
boy got on his hands and knees. His little pink tongue started to lick
Ryan’s sticky cock. Chris loved the taste of sperm, even better like this
when the dick that had just shot the load had done it deep inside his
little body.Ryan moaned softly as Chris’ licked him clean, then he smiled as the boy
sucked the head of his dick. He moaned again as the boy’s lips met his thin
pubic hair as Chris deep-throated him. His eye’s met Mikey’s, the thin
blond guy was stroking his own dick as he watched his nephew suck dick.Mikey licked his lips at the site before him. The smooth, sweaty, nude body
of his sister’s young boyfriend, with little Chris sucking his dick deep,
made him drip. The naked blond boy on his hands and knees. The tanned skin
of Chris’ small body. The white spunk slowly dripping from the boy’s
freshly fucked butt-hole.Mikey’s strong hands spread the boy’s ass cheeks. The little hole was still
open enough for him to see the pink skin just inside the boy’s rear
entrance. Pink skin dripping white Ryan-sperm. Mike bent in and kissed his
nephew’s used hole. His tongue licked up the dripping cum. Then it probed
into the boy’s body, tasting more sperm. Mike’s lips locked around the
boy’s hole and he sucked. Sucked Ryan’s spunk out. Either the stud had
dumped a huge load up there or Chris’ had been fucked more than once
already today. He guessed maybe Ryan had done the boy earlier?He stroked his thick nine inch dick as he ate the sperm out of his seven
year old nephew’s butt. His eye’s locked onto Ryan’s dark ones again. He
saw the lust in those eyes, the needs, the desire. He knew just what the
young stud wanted. But first…”Ryan, roll over, stud.” Mikey told the sweaty dude. “Chris, eat my juice
out of Ryan’s butt, baby boy.”Ryan’s eye’s got wide at that thought as he rolled over. Chris hot little
mouth found his stretched, overflowing hole and sucked, licking up the
mess. Mike’s sperm was dripping steadily out of the stud, which Chris just
loved to lick up. Ryan knew that the boy would find more juice than just
Mike’s dripping from him. Jason had fucked him that morning before work and
again at lunch as Ryan had been busy choking down their foreman Joe’s huge
dick in his sucking throat.Ryan felt the boy’s tongue inside him, sucking used sperm. Mike got up from
Chris’ well rimmed little butt. Then he pulled the boy to him. Kissed his
wet, sticky lips. Tasted his own spunk, fresh from Ryan’s tight
hole. Chris’ little arms went around Mike’s neck as his legs tried to wrap
themselves around his beloved uncle. Mike pulled the boy close to his own
sweat-soaked body, one arm around his shoulders, the other under his cute
little butt.The stud lying on the bed rolled over just in time to see Mikey’s dick,
wet, hard and pointing straight up, nudge Chris’ ass. Ryan watched as that
big dick, seemingly by it’s own well-practiced actions, found it’s target
and slid home. Both uncle and nephew kissed deep as their bodies became
one, joined by the flesh of Mikey’s nine inch long, thick penis penetrating
deep into the seven year old boy’s body.Chris clung to his uncle’s lean, slender body as he Little Lolita felt that big dick
enter him. He tasted his uncle’s tongue as it probed his little mouth. Held
tight as Uncle Mikey lay them both down on the bed next to Ryan. Chris on
his back, his legs still stretched around Mikey’s skinny body, his boy-hole
taking the full length of his uncle’s cock.Ryan leaned in and kissed Chris. Then Mike as the boy-fucker pulled his
buddy in for a deep kiss too. Mike’s dick was balls deep inside the boy,
his blond pubic hair against the boy’s smooth skin.”Stud, suck Chris!” Mike told Ryan.Ryan quickly obeyed, taking all of the young boy’s hard little dick in his
mouth. Ryan sucked, licked, kissed and enjoy the taste of the boy. And the
view! Ryan watched Mike’s big prick slide in and out of the little kid’s
butt, still shocked that the boy could take such a prick, even after
watching his work buddy’s with their huge pricks fuck the boy.Mike bent and kissed Chris as he fucked harder. Uncle/dad and nephew/son
clung to each other as their lust grew. Chris’ little body was shaking from
the pounding it was getting from his uncle’s big dick. Shaking in lust and
love, his whole insides on fire. Heat that stroked the flames of passion in
Mike. Chris’ heated lust warming his uncle’s dick as they both got closer
to orgasm.Man and boy shook. Ryan sucked Chris hard, his tongue wishing for the taste
of pre-cum that he knew was still years away. Chris’ whole little body
bucked under Little Lolita the two men attacking it in their lusty passion. His little
arms tight around his uncle Mikey’s neck as boy pulled man close in his
lust and desire. Chris had a wicked hard dry-cum, followed by another and
then yet another as Ryan kept sucking him. Mike’s dick was on fire from the
heat of the lust-driven boy he was deep inside of. Nine Inches of cock
pushed as deep as it could go into the seven year old blond Little Lolita boy’s body and
erupted. Man and boy became one as Uncle Mike’s sperm filled his nephew
Chris’ tight body. Sperm that made the boy so long ago and had kept the
little fucker fed as a baby. Sperm that made Chris the happiest boy in the
world!”Holy fuck!” Mike howled. “Damn, little guy, that was the best yet.”"I love you too, Uncle Mikey.” Chris panted out.Two men and a boy collapsed onto the bed in a sweat-soaked tangle of
bodies. Mike held both Ryan and Chris tight. He knew his leaving would soon
hurt his beloved Chris, but he also knew he wasn’t going to be gone
forever. Mike couldn’t really imagine being way from Chris for the six
months he would be gone, nor how much he would miss him. But at least with
Ryan here, he knew Chris would be safe and loved like he needed. Mike also
hoped Ryan would protect Chris from Debbie, knowing how badly she treated
him.Seven year old Chris drifted off to sleep in his uncle’s sweaty
embrace. Mike kissed the boy’s soft skin on the back of his neck before he
fell asleep too. Ryan looked at the two of them in the light of the
bed-side lamp before turning it off. One 22 year old man, with long blond
hair and bright blue eyes, his lean, skinny body a mirror of what Chris
would grow up to look like, snuggled next to a boy who himself was a
reflection of the young man’s own youth.As he lay on his back next to the two sleeping blond beauties, his arms
behind his head, his heart still racing, the smell of his own sweat sharp
to his nose from their fun, Ryan thought. His dick had finally settled
down, leaving his stomach and chest sticky and messy Little Lolita after shooting off all
over himself as he watched Mike fuck Chris. Without even touching himself,
just watching uncle fuck nephew had caused him to shoot off a sticky load.He thought about this family and himself and what he wanted. Now, if Mike
was single, he just might have considered going after the dude himself. But
Mikey had David waiting out in Los Angeles. And Ryan still wanted
Jason. Even after this incredible fuck session, all he thought about was
Jason. After the last couple of weeks, losing first his virginity to Jason
as well as his having his first taste of real man on man sex, Ryan knew
what he wanted. They’d even talked about it, Jason had some friends up in
Atlanta that would hire them both. But that would mean leaving Debbie and
Chris. He didn’t give a fuck about her, hell, he knew that right now the
bitch was out getting fucked by who knew how many guys.But what about Chris? She treated him like dirt, his uncle was leaving and
the boy would be on his own to deal with her. Funny, he had loved fucking
Chris’ tight ass and being with the boy, but even as Chris was having his
dry-cums as Ryan sucked him, he realized what he was missing. Ryan liked
men, wanted a man, an equal or even maybe to belong to a man himself. Not
to take care of and be a dad or have sex only with a boy, even one as cute
and loveable as Chris.Ryan drifted off to a troubled sleep. His last thoughts were what the fuck
ever happened to Mike’s dad Henry, Chris’ granddad?————————————————————————————-Saturday morning, 8:30am. Ryan was pissed off and in trouble. Debbie had
called and said she wouldn’t be back until late. Ryan didn’t have to work
today but Jason did, and he was Jason’s ride. So by the time he had called
Jason, his buddy was going to be late to work. Ryan called Sam at work so
Jason wouldn’t get in trouble. Sam was off but Joe said he’d take care of
everything, that he’d pick up Jason and even drop by later with Ryan’s
paycheck.Mikey had ate a quick breakfast with his Little Lolita
nephew and his sister’s
boyfriend. He and Chris took a hot shower together before he had to go to
work. He had Chris get him all hard and horny but didn’t get off. He
needed that edge for today’s shoot. Mikey had graduated from being a
well-paid Little Lolita boy slut to a teen rent boy and now he made porn movies for the
internet. Even with his long blond hair, his smooth, lean body still looked
18 on film and made him a nice living.Ryan did get to ask him what happened to his father, Chris’ granddad.”My dad, Henry?” Mike asked, surprised. “He’s in prison, but he’ll be out
in less than six months.”"Prison?” Ryan stammered.”Yeah, one of old Debbie’s boyfriends got rough with her and then beat up
Chris one night while he was drunk. Dad beat the shit out of him, almost
killed the bastard. Should have, too.”"Oh, I didn’t know.”"I wish he was getting out sooner so he’d be here to take care of him while
I’m gone, but I’m stuck going out west for the next six months.”Mikey kissed Ryan goodbye as well as his beloved little nephew of
course. He knew Chris knew he was leaving next week, but he Little Lolita
was being
brave. Mike promised himself one night of just nephew/uncle fun before he
left, just the Little Lolita two of them. As he drove off, he still was worried about
Chris. But just the thought of his cute, sexy boy riding his dick got him
wet and ready for his day of being filmed getting screwed on-line for all
the world to watch.——————————————————————————————Joe smiled as he got off the phone with Ryan. Maybe, just maybe, today
would actually turn out ok. He was so fucking horny with Sam Little Lolita being gone all
week with his biker friends. He had actually thought of calling in for some
auto-parts so that he could at least fuck that young prick Derrick. But the
shop was too slow. Actually, he should just call Jason and tell the young
stud to stay home. But Joe had a better idea. One that would make his
thick, lonely dick happy.”Hey, Tyler, get your black butt in here.” Joe yelled out into the garage.”Fuck, Joe, you don’t have to yell. What’s you need?” The tall, stocky
black guy asked as he came into the garage office.”You know where our pretty boy Jason lives, stud?”Most of the garage gang thought of the young, muscular, just-out-of high
school ex-jock as nothing more than eye-candy. Course, that’s why Sam had
hired the handsome young dude, to work the front desk and take care of
customers.”He lives at the old boarding house on Main Street, right?” Tyler
answered. “Why?”"Take my pick-up truck and go get him. The poor boy needs a ride to work.”
Joe laughed.”I’d rather ride his butt.” Tyler smiled. “OK, boss-man, whatever you say.”"Just don’t be all morning, ok?” Joe figured Tyler would make Jason pay for
the ride.”Sure, Joe, I’ll be real quick with him.”Joe thought about the big black guy after he left to go get Jason. The 19
year old, 6 foot 2 inches tall at least, almost 250lbs of nasty black
fucker. Actually, Tyler was a sweet, quiet man, at least around his
friends. Not too Little Lolita bright, not even a high school drop-out, never having even
made it to high school. But a long-time buddy of his and Sam’s. Tyler did
the cleaning and any heavy work around the garage, ran errands, shit like
that. He never said no to Sam for anything. Not even when it came to his
virgin ass when they took him in off the streets.The big, black dude was more than enough muscle to fight off anyone,
another reason Sam kept him around. As part of their biker gang, Joe had
been in more than a few fights, and with Tyler at his back he never felt
scared. Tyler never started a fight, but if someone went for him or his
buddy’s, watch out!Joe remembered a few weeks ago when these three street-punks, skin-head
types had invaded their favorite biker bar. Joe had thought the youngest
one was hot so he had slowly been cruising him. Suddenly, he was face to
face with all three in a dark corner, and Joe realized they weren’t there
for any fun.”Cock-sucker!” One of punks swore.”Damn right, so what’s your problem?” Joe snapped back.”Fucking faggot.” Another skin-head replied.Without a word, Tyler walked up next to Joe and just looked at the
punks. They backed up a step at the site of the huge black guy.”You don’t like us?” The big, black stud said. “Then stay the fuck out of
our bar!”Tyler then bent and gave Joe a hot, wet kiss right on the lips. But both
kept their eyes on the punks.The three left shortly after that, though the youngest and cutest had been
back later that night and got his first taste of dick from Joe, his first
mouthful of sperm from Tyler, then felt the joy of being held and kissed
and hugged by two big, strong men.Of course, he’d also seen the big guy in the middle of some hot, sweaty sex
before at their biker gang-bang parties. The site of his huge cock, even
compared to him and Sam’s, sliding up some tight young hole just made Joe
sweat. Which got him thinking about a certain young blond boy he planned on
visiting later today. Maybe he should take Tyler along for some fun?”We’re back.” Tyler laughed as he Little Lolita
and Jason walked in.”Sorry, boss.” Jason muttered.”It’s cool, just go get to work, stud.” Joe smiled at he young ex-jock.”Better brush your teeth first, baby, after that load you swallowed coming
over here.” Tyler laughed again.Jason blushed and then headed to the men’s room. He was slowly rubbing his
sore jaw from the work-out it had just gotten sucking off that nigger’s
huge cock. Biggest dick he’d ever seen. Or swallowed.”Damn fine butt.” Tyler muttered as they watched Jason walk away.The young ex-jock looked so sexy in his tight work pants and uniform shirt,
clothes that Little Lolita Sam had had made just specially for the young stud. The
uniform shirt that showed off his muscular body, pants that clung to that
tight, round, muscular ass.”Damn, I need to fuck something, soon.” Tyler continued after Jason left.”Just the thought I was Little Lolita having, Tyler.” Joe smiled. “And have I got the boy
for you. Ok, us.”"Boy?” Tyler smiled.”Just wait, stud, right after lunch you and me are going for a little
trip.”Joe knew from Ryan’s call that the young guy would be home all day with
Chris, since the cute kid’s mom was out working or getting laid or some
shit. He planned on dropping by at lunch-time with Ryan pay-check. Then
suggest he run to the bank and cash it before it closed while he and Tyler
watched Chris. Or have the blond seven year old boy for lunch!Joe’s plan worked, too. Actually, Ryan wanted to run some other errands
after hitting the bank and asked if they would watch Chris for a couple of
hours or so. Ryan wasn’t that stupid, he knew just why Joe had so sweetly
brought him his paycheck. Seeing Tyler getting out of Joe’s old pick-up
truck confirmed his guess. He figured they wanted some play time with
Chris. So he wasn’t surprised when Joe said ok.Ryan left as Joe was introducing Tyler to Chris. Maybe, on second thought,
he’d skip some stuff and get back to watch the hulking black guy screw the
boy. Now that perverted thought made his dick drip!Chris looked up at the huge black guy standing next to Joe in his living
room. Ryan had just left, but he felt safe with Joe there. For a few
seconds he wondered if they both were going to play with him or even if Joe
could with his friend with him. Chris really liked Joe, and not just cause
his thick dick reminded him so much of his granddad’s. Not as long as
granddad but almost as thick. So thick Chris could barely get Little Lolita
it down his
throat. But he wanted to do it with him again cause Joe had held him and
kissed him and was so nice to him. Sam had been too. But the boy looked up
at Tyler and wondered if he would be nice too. Or mean and nasty and hurt
him like some of the guys his mom sent him away with sometimes did.”Come here, and give me a kiss, Chris.” Joe Little Lolita called the boy to him as he sat
on the old, stained couch.Chris walked over to the to the tall, thin guy sitting there in his work
uniform. Joe had his shirt open to the waist, showing his pale white skin
and his tattoos. Joe was sweaty and dirty from work, as was Tyler, who sat
down next to his boss.The big black man couldn’t take his eyes off the cute little blond
boy. Wearing just a old white tee-shirt and tight, worn shorts, Tyler
couldn’t even begin to imagine doing anything with one so young. Chris
jumped on Joe’s lap, balancing on his little knees on the older man’s
thighs as he reached up for a kiss.Joe pulled the boy’s body tight to his own. His lips met the sweetest mouth
he’d ever kissed. That little, warm, soft mouth opened and Joe’s
adult-sized tongue invaded the boy. Just like his dick was going to do to
the boy’s butt.Tyler saw man kiss boy. Saw Joe’s big, rough hand slide up under Chris’
tight shorts. Saw that hand outlined by the thin fabric Little Lolita as it rubbed the
little boy’s butt. The clear outline of his four fingers and thumb holding
that cute little ass. Tyler’s dick got stiff as he watched that hand move
over the boy’s butt-crack, still under those tight little shorts. Then the
long, thin middle finger disappeared from his view as it found Chris’
waiting hole and penetrated the boy’s young body.Chris giggled as he kept kissing Joe. He felt his big finger going in his
little hole. He finally knew that he’d be having fun with him. And Tyler
too, from the way the big black stud was staring at him.Joe let go of the boy for a second, letting Chris stand up again. He was
just so beautiful. Joe wanted Chris so much. Tyler did too. And he could
see that the young boy’s own prick was hard under those tight shorts too.”Chris, strip for us, baby.” Joe asked the boy.”Sure, Joe, ok.”"Tyler, let’s get more comfortable too.” Joe undid his belt and started to
slide his pants down.”Damn, he’s so beautiful.” Tyler said as he watched Chris strip.The now nude seven year old boy stood in front of the two men, watching as
they got their pants off. Tyler stripped off his sweaty tee-shirt too,
leaving him in just his sneakers. Joe still had on his unbuttoned work
shirt and his work boots. He wasn’t going to wait any longer. He wanted
Chris, now!”Suck my dick, baby.” Joe moaned.Chris got on his knees and did just that. The seven year old blond boy’s
mouth swallowed the 8 1/2 inch long, beer-can thick prick to his shaved
crotch. Tyler watched in awe at the site, stroking his leaking meat as the
little blond boy deep-throated Joe’s thick cock.Joe smiled down at the boy’s blond head buried in his shaved crotch. He ran
his fingers gently through his long, blond hair. Joe’s eye’s met Tyler’s as
Chris came up for air, then sucked his way back down Joe’s throbbing meat.Tyler pulled Joe to him for a hot kiss, then pushed his boss-man down on
his own leaking dick. Joe sucked Tyler’s huge meat for a few minutes,
enjoying the taste and feel of the thick, long cock down his well-used
throat. Joe saw Tyler’s big hands moving over the boy’s little
body. Watched him suck his big middle finger before probing deep into the
boy’s tight little butt. His dick wanted to be where that finger was, soon.”Tyler, buddy, go rim the kid. I need to fuck him soon. Before I cum down
his throat.” Joe moaned.Used to doing as Joe or Sam told him, the big black guy got down on the
floor behind the little kid Little Lolita and went for his butt. His big, black tongue
pushed deep into that tight boy-hole. He tasted boy ass-juice, sweat and
shit. And cum, lots and lots of cum. Someone sure had been fucking him a
lot. Tyler kept eating the boy’s tasty ass out. He reached for the kid’s
dick and balls. Rubbed the hard little prick until the boy was shaking.Joe felt Chris tense as he was about to have a dry-cum. He pulled the hot
cocksucker off Little Lolita his leaking dick and stood him upright. Tyler’s tongue still
deep up his tight, used boy-butt. Joe bent and sucked Chris’ little boy
cock. The kid moaned and shook. His whole body started shaking and bucking
as he had a nice hard dry-cum. Then a second and a third as both men kept
pleasing his young body.Joe picked up the still shaking boy and laid him on his back on that old
dirty couch. His open work shirt hanging over Little Lolita them both as he bent over
the boy. His lips met Chris’ and they kissed. Joe’s tongue pushed in the
boy’s mouth just as his dick found that tight little boy-hole, wet and
ready and waiting.Tyler didn’t plan on missing any of this. He pulled Joe’s shirt back just
in time to see the head of that thick cock vanish up inside Chris’ little
hole. Inch by inch all of the foreman’s thick, dripping cock slid in as the
two kept kissing. Joe hit bottom to Chris’ cries of lust, his little legs
bent back to his chest.Joe fucked Chris slowly and gently for a few minutes before picking up the
pace. Most, but not all of his dick was in the boy. That last half inch or
so couldn’t get in, not from this position. So he pulled out of that
wondrous boy hole for few seconds, his dick wet and sticky.”Get on your knees, baby, so I can get all the way in you, Chris, ok?”"Sure Joe, anything you want.” The boy answered. “Tyler, come over here, I
want to taste that big Little Lolita dick of yours, please?”Chris was on his hands and knees with Joe’s dick impaling him from
behind. Tyler’s even bigger dick was at his lips. Chris struggled to suck
that huge black almost 12-inch long cock. But he had been well trained by
his granddad, who’s dick was just about the same size. So with a little
patience and some stretching, he had that big cock in his mouth and hitting
the back of his throat.Seeing the beautiful blond kid struggle with that huge nigger-meat turned
Joe on so damn much he started slamming into Chris’ little butt. Hard,
quick, deep strokes of his thick cock, finally going balls-deep into the
boy. His shirt stuck to his back from his sweat, his hands gripping the
little butt-cheeks of the seven year old boy firmly as he rode that tight
ass. Joe roughly screwed the boy, his dick plunging in and out of that
wonderful boy-hole .Joe’s violent thrusts were driving Tyler’s dick deeper into Chris’
throat. The black man held the small boy by his shoulders as he felt the
force of Joe’s assault upon Chris’ body. Fearing he’d choke the Little Lolita boy, Tyler
pulled that hot little mouth off his dick. Chris fell forward, lying
between the big black man’s spread legs, his huge cock next to his long
blond hair. Joe went with Chris, fucking harder and faster into the boy.Man, boy, couch, all were shaking from Joe’s violent lust. Just like the
last time he fucked Chris, Joe bent down and bit the boy’s soft neck just
as his dick started spurting. The thin man bit, sucked and chewed the
tender flesh of the boy’s little neck and shoulders as his dick pumped shot
after shot of sperm deep inside that tight, sweet young ass.Chris shook as Joe filled him up with cum. The Little Lolita feeling of his big dick so
deep inside him gave him more dry-cums. Joe’s teeth in his neck made him
squirm, jump, pant and moan. That was why he liked Joe so much. He was the
only one who did that to him besides his beloved and far away
granddad. Joe’s bites turned to kisses as his raging dick finished it’s
assault on the boy’s sweet hole.Tyler expected to see a bloody mess when Little Lolita
Joe slid his dick out of the
still-shaking boy. But his thick cock was just wet and sticky from so much
cum. He did see the dark bruises on the boy’s neck and worried about that,
as well as what looked like bruises on Chris` slender back and
wondered. But his hard dick was too hot and horny for him to think about it
for long.Knowing Chris was still on ‘high’ from his fuck, that the boy had
dry-cummed over and over as Joe fucked him–the shaking body wrapped around
his dick had Little Lolita told him that–and that he could still see the boy’s wide-open
asshole gaping and ready for it’s next, longer, thicker cock, Joe didn’t
pause for a second. He picked the still twitching boy up off the couch like
a toy, carried him over to Tyler, and sat him on Tyler’s lap. Tyler’s
almost 12 inch black cock was sticking straight up as the boy sat down. All
Joe had to do was guide that throbbing piece of meat to it’s target.Chris sat down on Tyler’s cock, impaling himself as he slid farther and
farther down. Shocked black stud felt that little white boy butt swallow
his hot nigger dick. Chris moaned as the huge length and girth of Tyler’s
dick penetrating deep inside his little body got stuck about half-way in,
too big to go further. Joe had the pleasure of seeing it all for himself,
all that black meat vanishing up into Chris’ tight little boy hole. His own
spent cock was rock-hard again from the site of Chris sitting there impaled
on Tyler’s big black cock..So did Ryan, who had just gotten back from his errands in time to watch
seven year old Chris slid down that huge black fuck-pole. His own dick
rock-hard in his jeans, dripping pre-cum at the hot, nasty, perverted site
of the huge black man fucking deep into the little seven year old blond
boy’s tight hole.”Hey, come join the fun, dude.” Joe called as he spotted Ryan standing in
the doorway. “Your little boy is doing just fine.”Ryan slowly walked into the room. The sites, sounds and smells of men using
the boy filled his senses. His boy. Ok, not his fucking kid. Just that
thought made Ryan shudder deep inside.As he watched the young boy slid another inch down on that huge nigger
prick, something in Ryan’s head Little Lolita
snapped. He was so sick of this. Sick of
his girlfriend and her perverted young son. No fucking way did Ryan want
Chris to be “his” son. He just wanted to be with Jason, far away from her
and all this crazy shit. Away from these sick boy-fuckers before he became
more involved and deeper under the spell of perverted pedo man/boy sex.”He’s not `my’ boy.” Ryan snarled. “He’s just a little piece of white trash
slut-boy, just like his fucking mother.”He took two long strides to the dirty old couch where the big black man and
the little blond boy were. Two quick steps then Ryan put his shaking hands
on the boy’s little shoulders. His anger, hurt, frustration and disgust
with himself boiled over. Ryan shoved Chris down with all the strength in
his young, angry body. Shoved until all 12 plus inches of thick nigger dick
was balls deep inside the suddenly terrified little boy.Several things happened in quick succession. Chris bottomed out on that big
prick. The pain of it ripping into his sweet little hole had the boy
screaming and crying. The tight, abused boy-hole wrapped around Tyler’s
thick black cock made it throb. Tyler’s eyes went wide as he felt his dick
rip into the boy’s tender body. The big black stud was in shock. Both from
the boy’s screams and from his throbbing dick pulsing his nigger-sperm deep
into that abused, violated boy-hole.Ryan’s own cock soaked the insides of his jeans with his spunk at the site
of seven year old Chris sitting on the big nigger’s lap, that huge dick
balls-deep inside his young body. His whole body shook in desire, lust,
anger and disgust. Disgusted at what he had just done. Even more at the
thought that he so Little Lolita enjoyed Chris’ screams and pain that he had creamed
himself. Ryan just wanted to run. To get out and never come back.Joe saw Ryan shove the cute young boy down, impaling him on that huge
dick. Heard Chris’ screams. Saw his tears. Little Lolita
Looked deep into Tyler’s shocked
eyes. Saw the big man shake as he pumped his nigger-juice deep into that
abuse little body. Watched as all that spunk oozed out of that hurting
boy-hole. The big prick so over-filling the little boy’s butt-hole that
most of Tyler’s cum was dripping out. Joe’s spunk too, mixed with nigger
sperm and seven-year-old-boy blood. Saw Tyler franticly trying to pull the
crying boy up off his still pulsing dick even as Ryan continued holding him
down.”You fucking bastard!” Joe growled at Ryan. “Leave him the fuck alone!”"I…I…I” Ryan just stuttered, in as much shock at his own actions as the
other two men.Chris was still screaming, crying and shaking. Ryan still held him down on
that huge, invading, hurting dick. Held him so hard that he was bruising
Chris’ soft, tanned young shoulders. Ugly black and blue marks to join the
others left from his angry mother’s violent mood swings. Bruises on his
back where people wouldn’t see them. Unless he was shirtless or naked as he
was now. But the dim light in the little run-down house had hid them from
his friend’s horny eyes.”Get your fucking hands off him!” Joe snarled. “Leave him alone, you
bastard.”Joe’s big fist swung at Ryan’s young, lean Little Lolita
body. The ’smack’ it made as his
fist connected to Ryan’s flesh made all three men jump. Ryan let go of the
crying boy’s shoulders and turned to protect himself from an enraged
Joe. Joe was about to punch the younger guy again as Ryan brought his arms
up to protect his face.Joe glared at Ryan, eye to eye with the confused young guy. He saw the
tears running down Ryan’s face at what he had done to little Chris. Heard
his ragged breath as he waited for Joe to hit him again.”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” Ryan mumbled.”I’m going to kick your ass if you ever hurt Chris again.” Joe said in a
hard, flat voice.”Not if I get you first, Ryan.” Tyler snarled. “You ever hurt him again and
I’ll hurt you so bad you`ll wish you were dead, you piece Little Lolita of white shit.”Ryan looked at both men, then at the young boy, now held tight in Tyler’s
arms. Chris was sobbing against the big black guy’s muscular chest. Ryan
could see the cum and blood dripping out of the kid’s hurting, abused
little butt. He was sick at what he’d done. Horrified that he’d hurt the
boy. Terrified that Joe, or worse, Tyler would still beat the crap out of
him.Joe saw the fear in Ryan’s eyes and smiled. But Chris was still shaking and
crying in the black man’s embrace. Joe wanted to comfort him, hold him and
make it all better. But that prick Ryan was still standing there.”Get the fuck out, Ryan, before we beat the shit out of you.” Joe growled.”I’m sorry, so sorry Chris.” Ryan moaned as he turned and ran out of the
house. “God help me.”As they heard Ryan’s old truck start up and drive away, both men turned
their attention to the sobbing boy. Joe reached over and picked Chris up
and held the hurting boy tight to his hard, lean, hairless chest. He gently
kissed the boy on his lips, holding him in his arms. Tyler got up from the
couch and wrapped his arms around both of them. Both men held the boy as he
cried.Joe’s heart was in his throat. He knew that he was falling for the cute
young kid. That the boy was so special and so beautiful and so much needed
someone to love him. Joe wanted to be that someone, but he didn’t have a
fucking clue how.
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